5 Ways To Make Wellness Enhance Your Health!

Although, most people, claim, they want to live the happiest, most productive life, and will take steps, needed and necessary, to ensure, they become capable of enjoying that, in reality, perhaps, the majority of individuals, fail to, either, do so, or succeed, in this quest! Many studies indicate, using a combination, of conventional steps, as well as well – considered, so – called, alternative ones, often, produce the best results! We use define, wellness, as, the acts of consistently, practicing healthy, overall habits, and behavior, in order to attain the best chance, for better physical and mental/ emotional health, and well – being. Many believe, doing so, helps us come closer to thriving, than, merely, surviving! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 ways to make wellness, enhance your health.

1. Prevention: Although, there are few guarantees, in life, those, who proceed, considering, prevention, and preventive medicine, generally, enjoy a healthier existence. This means avoiding foolish behavior, and realizing how, one’s lifestyle, habits, behaviors, actions (or failing to act), and avoiding undesirable stress and tension (or, learning to handle these, in a personally, productive way), impact your overall health, and well – being! Some preventive measures include: regular physician and dental visits; following doctor’s recommendations; watching one’s dietary habits; vitamin supplementation; relevant exercise, etc.

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2. Non – invasive: Although, there are times, when invasive, medical procedures, and/ or, medications, may be necessary, and needed, there are, sometimes, alternatives, and options, which might be smarter, wellness approaches, etc. One should discuss, options, with a trusted, health professional, before proceeding, but, during that discussion, it is important to consider side – effects, and possibilities, rather than blindly, proceeding, forward!

3. Lower risks: How can you, effectively, lower your personal health risks, and does, using a combination of conventional, and/ or, alternative medicine, make sense, for you? This doesn’t guarantee you will never suffer any illnesses, and/ or, ill – effects, but, the more you can reduce risk, the better, your odds!

4. Diet and exercise: Studies indicate, one’s weight, especially, when it is considerably, higher than the recommended ranges/ numbers, is dangerous, to overall health! Many believe, using a combination of a meaningful, appropriate diet, and a quality, exercise program/ system, often, live a healthier existence!

5. Alternative therapies: Alternative therapies, which, when used alongside, conventional ones, include: herbal and vitamin supplementation; homeopathy; chiropractor visits/ treatments; acupuncture; massage therapy; etc. There are multitudes of relevant information, in the literature, but, the wisest approach, is to discuss, thoroughly, the advantages, and disadvantages, with an open – minded, health professional, at the onset.