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Do you love to work out? Of course you do, or you wouldn’t have clicked this link! 

As someone who works out a lot, you’re sure to have run into fitness accessories and tech needs. But did you know that they make Bluetooth sunglasses now?

Listen to your music or chat with friends in style, without the need of pesky earbuds falling out on a run, getting painful in your ears, or preventing you from hearing that car coming up behind you. Perfect for cycling, weight lifting, and all kinds of active lifestyles.

Bluetooth sunglasses ensure you can hear the ambient noise around you, which makes you safer in the great outdoors. Keep reading to learn about the hottest Bluetooth sunglasses currently on the market!

1. LUCYD Eyewear 

A relatively new company on the block, founded in 2017, they are making waves in wearable tech. They seek to remedy one of the biggest issues faced with Bluetooth sunglasses… how do you replace prescription sunglasses?

Something unique among LUCYD’s line-up of smart glasses is the ability to consult their in-house eye doctor. Now you can be free of your glasses and your earbuds!

Each of their frames come with a noise-canceling mic and Bluetooth 5.0. Two-button controls on the arms are there for answering calls and controlling music. Speakers are featured in each arm for surround sound.

Charging is easy with a USB magnetic cable. With a two-hour charge, you can expect six to eight hours of music playback and call time.

Currently, the options for frames are limited to two choices. But, they each come in six different color options.

The Lyte Wayfarer is rectangular and meant to suit a wider range of face types. The Lyte Round are, you guessed it, round. These are best for square and heart-shaped faces.

LUCYD is all about the virtual experience (important in these Covid times!). With their e-shop, you can try on the glasses virtually and choose from a range of lenses. Frames are competitively priced at $150, the lowest on this list.

These certainly seem worth a look! They receive great reviews from users.

2. Bose Lenses 

While they don’t provide the customization options of the LUCYD lenses, Bose has historically been a great buy for a reason. Providing some of the best audio quality out there, they’re hard to beat. Even if their frames are a little uninspired when it comes to style.

The Bose lenses feature advanced noise-canceling for the microphone. Bluetooth 5.0 and touch-sensitive controls on the arms make listening to music a breeze. Simply tap or swipe and control your volume, track, or answer the phone.

The rechargeable battery lasts just up to 5.5 hours, but it’s easy with a magnetic charging cable.

Bose has also limited themselves to just a few frame styles, the Tenor and the Soprano. The Tenor is more square and the Soprano somewhat more rounded. Unfortunately, both are only available in black for now.

They also carry a third frame style, the Tempo. With a half-frame, these are certainly more sporty than any of the options seen so far.

The sound quality of Bose is hard to beat. Of course, they’re also significantly more expensive, coming in at $250. That’s nearly $100 more than the LUCYD frames!

3. Razer Anzu Smart Glasses 

Razer isn’t just in the gaming business anymore. In fact, they’ve been making a splash with their affordable audio products for some time now.

While they don’t offer as much customization, they do offer options for blue light filtering lenses. Their frames are splash-proof for the extreme fitness lovers out there.

The Razer lenses feature an omnidirectional mic, touch-enabled controls, along with voice assistant capabilities. The audio quality is good, but not amazing.

One thing that stands out for the Razer frames is, although they only have two style options, they have size options. A small/medium, and a large. This is very handy for those of you on the ends of the spectrum of face size!

Both frame designs are called Anzu, simply specifying whether they are a round or rectangle type. And that pretty much sums up the differences between the two styles! Only available in black, you are limited to a rounder or more square style.

The rechargeable battery has fairly low capability, at only 5.5 hours on a full charge. It does automatically turn off when you close the arms, so it is good at saving power.

Their frames still come in at a high price of $200. Cheaper than the Bose but still more expensive than the LYCYD.

4. Amazon Echo Frames

While only available in one fairly standard design, they do at least offer three color choices. These frames market themselves with Alexa-capable interactions.

Interestingly, these frames are designed to respond to the voice of the person wearing the frames to be more secure. Secure from what, it’s not entirely clear!

Splash-resistant, touch-sensitive, with micro-speakers designed to keep conversations more private. The audio quality is generally good. But, it’s really that smart capability that sells these.

The rechargeable battery on these is the lowest of the options, coming in at only 4 hours per charge. That’s really low! It must be Alexa sucking up all of the juice.

At $250, these are great if you’re really into the Alexa hub already. However, while they are compatible with Siri and others, it hardly seems worth it at this price point otherwise.

Fitness Accessories and Tech – A Match Made in Heaven 

fitness accessories and tech

So, as you can see, not only are Bluetooth sunglasses available, they’re super useful! Fitness accessories and tech come in many different shapes and sizes. It’s exciting to see the expanding market come to sunglasses!