Revolution Fitness & Cycle Rebrands to Own Your Fitness; Expands Its Health and Wellness Services

The local fitness center has rebranded and expanded its services as a leading personal and small group training in Coral Springs. Previously known as Revolution Fitness & Cycle, Own Your Fitness offers high-energy and challenging workouts for individual adults, small groups


Coral Springs, FL, February 14, 2022— More people are embracing fitness through good dieting practices and training. Regular training and fitness challenges promote strong muscles, bones, and overall health. For the last 25 years, Kerry Giacomino has been in the fitness industry helping local clients get into their best shape and achieve their personal fitness goals. She founded Revolution Fitness & Cycle, a Local Fitness Center where locals can access fitness equipment and participate in intense training. She has rebranded the fitness center to Own Your Fitness, a health and fitness hub for physical and mental well-being.

“Own Your Fitness is about training with a purpose. When you walk into our premises, you are surrounded by people driven to achieve personal goals. We teach you how to work out and instill the skills you need to stay mentally and physically healthy for life. Our classes are high energy and challenging to provide opportunities for health and wellness,” explained Kerry Giacomino, founder and lead coach at Own Your Fitness.

In 2017, Kerry re-invented her precious fitness center to stand out as the best Personal Training in Coral Springs. Own Your Fitness offers personalized and wholesome training for adults, helping them be the best version of themselves. Men and women gain access to high-end training equipment that ensures their training is challenging enough to yield positive transformation.

“We give our clients personalized attention, support, and accountability. Let my knowledge and experience help you achieve your fitness goals. Whether it’s reaching your goals, learning skills to lead a healthy lifestyle, or helping you feel great about yourself, I am here for you,” added Kerry.

Own Your Fitness also welcomes small groups who want to work out together. Some people love working out with friends for motivation or the sense of competition. Neighbors, co-workers, moms, and women of all ages looking for Small Group Training in Coral Springs can enroll at the local fitness center for the best training and powerful gym equipment.

Kerry and her team also teach kids to live healthy and fit lives through lively, fun-filled sessions. Kids may lack personal fitness goals or even fail to appreciate the need to stay healthy. Own Your Fitness rolls out fun-filled classes that make the kids forget they are training or exercising.

“We focus on core strength, speed, agility, and overall conditioning. Our classes are so much fun that the kids don’t even realize that they are exercising,” explained Kerry.

About Own Your Fitness: Own Your Fitness is a local fitness center based in Coral Springs, Florida. The center offers fitness, nutrition, and health coaching for all ages and serves individuals and small groups. Own Your Fitness’s mission is to teach clients how to work out and instill the skills they need to stay mentally and physically healthy for life.